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Top Technologies to Use for Your MVP Development

Once you decide to develop a product MVP and hire a developer to a team for it, it’s time to think about what technology is the best fit for your product.

If you don’t have vast experience in MVP development this may seem hard to make the best choice for your product.

At BilSoft we have over decade experience in helping startups with their MVPs. According to our experience, there are some essential things to consider when choosing the tech stack:

  1. Pick the proven technologies. Your MVP will eventually grow into an end product with the growing number of users, so you’ll need more software engineers to handle the project. By choosing proven technologies, you’ll make sure you can find the needed amount of developers quickly.
  2. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Focus on client acquisition as it’s more important for early days of your startup, not R&D for some unique technology.

From our experience we can recommend using the following technologies for your MVP: .Net for your backend and browser based apps with React Native for iOS and Android apps.

These technologies will help you accelerate time-to-market and save resources while providing a robust set of tools to build a great product.

Why Use .Net For Your MVP

.Net has a solid following among software engineers. Common best practices make it faster and easier to write and debug code. A robust community means that developers can use open source gems to speed up the development.

It’s 30–40% faster to develop with .Net compared to similar technologies.

When speaking of MVP development, software engineer time is one of the largest outlays.

Keeping up with the budget limits is vital not only for early stage startups, but for established businesses as well. Here are some companies which already use .Net – Airbnb, GitHub, Basecamp.

React Native for Mobile Apps

Using React Native is another way to save resources on development. React Native is used for cross-platform mobile development. It lets you reuse 90% of your code when you create Android and iOS apps. The good news is that you still have all the features and performance as native apps.

This technology is a good fit not only for startups who build their first app, but for established companies such as Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Walmart, Uber and others.

.Net: When It’s Not the Best Option

With all great features and opportunities RoR provides, it doesn’t always fit an MVP perfectly.

When your project is a super high load app processing millions of requests, Golang is something you should consider.

Other projects may require machine learning and advanced data science. Then your best choice would probably lie in Python.

At BilSoft, we also faced projects with legacy code, especially PHP. It mostly requires great resources for system support and maintenance, which does not have business sense. So we decided to redevelop the application on .Net

What Else to Consider

You should also consider Laravel, Django and all-JavaScript apps with Node on the backend which are all legitimate options for startups. Keep in mind that in the end of development most frameworks deliver more or less the same result. From our experience, Rails is still faster and cheaper to use.

Technology is just a tool

Tech only helps you build a profitable business, so don’t make its choice the main focus. End users will care on how the app actually works, not how trendy your tech is.

From a business perspective, you need to make sure your tech supports your needs, is maintainable and sustainable both in terms of cost and your expansion plans. That’s why .Net on the backend plus iOS and Android apps with React Native is the way to go for most startups.

If you are still not sure about what technology to choose for your startup – let’s discuss your specific issue and BilSoft team will provide a consultation for free.

Pavlo Author of the article Pavlo Bilan CEO
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